Pardes Katenda Lyrics In Hindi

Pardes Katenda Lyrics

Pardes Katenda Lyrics Adnan Dhool

Adnan Dhool’s soulful rendition of “Pardes Katenda” has struck a chord with listeners across the globe. The song, released in 2023, paints a poignant picture of separation, sacrifice, and the yearning for home.

Pardes Katenda Song Detail

Song: Pardes Katenda
Singer: Adnan Dhool
Lyrics: Adnan Dhool
Music: Adnan Dhool
Featuring: Adnan Dhool
Label: Adnan Dhool

Pardes Katenda Lyrics

Pardes katenda
Pardes, pardes

Sohna te main tu door gaya eh
Hoke sajan majboor gaya eh
Ankhiyan de vaaste khushiyan hovan
Hoke hijar vich choor gaya eh

Sohna peya pardes katainda
Sajna nu dooron dooron wainda
Saddi te saari sunda eh par
Apni peed nahin wainda

Sohna te suit bhajainda eh par
Apni peed nah wainda eh
Sohna te suit bajainda eh par
Apni peed nah wainda eh

Ankhaan dey waastey bhaije kajjal
Nah moi doori wainda eh

Pardes kateynda

Sohna bhajeynda saanu kamaiyaan
Sohna manawe eidaan paraiyaan
Aa ja sohneya galiyaan sunjiyaan
Saanu kabool ve teri ladaiyaan

Ronde baddal meeh barsaindey
Datha tainu yaad karaindey
Iss mahine tu aa wanjna
Roz apne dil nu dasaindey

Sohneya watna nu mudke aa wanj
Do deyharre mukh taan dikha wanj
Sohneya watna nu mudke aa wanj
Do deyharre mukh taan dikha wanj
Roz takaindey raah teri

Pardes katenda
Pardes, pardes

Ho tedhi doori nu, haan naal laawaan
Aa sajan nehde aa tere te phul pawaan
Pardes katenda, pardes, pardes katenda

Lyrics that touch the soul:

The lyrics, penned by Adnan Dhool himself, are laced with raw emotion. They capture the bittersweet feeling of leaving loved ones behind in pursuit of dreams, a sentiment familiar to many immigrants and individuals chasing aspirations far from home. Lines like “Maa nu akh vich hai ranja si vekhda, Pardes katenda eh dil roya” (“Seeing tears in my mother’s eyes, My heart cries while going abroad”) resonate deeply with anyone who has ever experienced the pang of separation.

Melody that lingers:

The melody of “Pardes Katenda” is melancholic yet hopeful. The soft strumming of the guitar and Adnan’s emotive vocals create a soundscape that perfectly complements the lyrical theme. The song’s chorus, with its soaring melody, offers a glimmer of optimism, reminding the listener that even though they are far away, their hearts remain connected to their loved ones back home.

More than just a song:

“Pardes Katenda” has transcended the boundaries of a simple song. It has become an anthem for anyone who has ever felt the ache of displacement and the longing for home. The song’s popularity is evident in its viral reach on social media platforms, with countless fans sharing their own stories of separation and finding solace in its lyrics.

FAQs about Pardes Katenda:

  • When was the song released? 
  • “Pardes Katenda” was released in 2023.
  • Who wrote the lyrics?
  • The lyrics were written by Adnan Dhool himself.
  • What is the language of the song? 
  • The song is in Punjabi.
  • What is the genre of the song? 
  • “Pardes Katenda” can be classified as a soulful ballad.
  • Where can I listen to the song? 
  • The song is available on various streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

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