Bigg BossTelugu Voting Results

There will be continuous updates with respect to the Bigg Supervisor 7 Telugu Survey Status casting a ballot. The competitors’ all’s complete votes as well as their level of the all out votes will be shown.

Just votes cast by means of Hotstar, on the web, or by missing calls to Star Maa numbers will be counted. A significant number of votes should be projected to ensure the victory of their picked Bigg Supervisor challenger.

Vote Survey for Bigg Manager 7

Deciding in favor of Bigg Manager 7 Telugu is conceivable by missed calls and on the web. For extra data with respect to the present Star Maa Bigg supervisor Telugu vote, see the outcomes, missed call numbers, status, and more beneath.

Tiger 3 Film industry Assortment

The Wonders Film industry

Consistently, housemates propose two others for removal; thus, the house part with the most number of designations is obliged to partake in a public vote.

How To Decide On Hotstar?

There are numerous ways of making a web-based choice for your favored rival. One of them is Hotstar, you can cast a ballot by following these means:

Utilize your portable number or email address subsequent to introducing it. Take out the Hotstar application.

Visit Bigg Manager Telugu’s point of arrival.

The “vote” button is situated underneath the pennant and will take you to Telugu’s huge supervisor page.

Tapping the vote button raises a rundown of designated challengers. Pick a competitor and snap the vote button.

Everyone can cast a ballot and store up to 50 votes consistently through email and versatile numbers.

How to Decide On Google?

This casting a ballot interaction is spic and span and particular. The crowd is finding the democratic system a lot more straightforward as Bigg Supervisor is presenting extra democratic modes, contrasted with the past couple of methods:

Pick your #1 competitor via looking for “Bigg Supervisor Vote” on Google.

Then, make your vote. Stop.

Expected Consequences of The current Week’s Bigg Supervisor Telugu Vote

In view of the extent of Bigg Supervisor Telugu vote scooptimes that are expressed underneath, the current week’s not entirely settled. See Bigg Manager Telugu Result for an exhaustive examination. The exact count of votes has not yet been disclosed. A few sources express that coming up next are the latest democratic outcomes:

Pallavi Prashanth got 23,559 votes, or 43.5% of the aggregate.

Amardeep got 11,517 votes, or 18.63% of the aggregate.

11.33% (7,396 decisions in favor of) Bhole Shavali

9.71% (6,483 votes) went to Gautham Krishna.

Teja’s delectable rating: 8.28% (5,675 votes).

4,234 decisions in favor of Ashwini Sree, or 5.73%

2.82% (2,593 decisions in favor of) Pooja Murthy

Week 6 Designations for Season 7 Bigg Supervisor Telugu

Week 6’s members included:

Ashwini Sree

Sovereign Yawar

Nayani Pavani


Delicious Teja

Shobha Shetty

Vote House rules for Bigg Supervisor Telugu

Bigg Manager Season 7 isn’t similar to the past seasons. Coming up next are the prerequisites that Bigg Supervisor Telugu challengers should meet to remain in the house for an entire 100 days.

The Bigg Supervisor Housemates never examine the arrangement cycle with chosen people or other part homes.

Housemates are allowed to take off from the house at any second except if the supervisor gives them authorization.

The contender isn’t allowed to rest during the day.

Bigg Supervisor 7 Telugu Vote members are not permitted to affront different contenders or family things.

Talking in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, or English alone isn’t adequate among flat mates.

Week 10 Danger For Hopefuls of Bigg Manager Telugu 7

In Week 10, four members are in danger and five hopefuls are competing for the title. By the by, four of them are under danger because of the more modest number of votes that help them.

Ongoing democratic outcomes demonstrate that each housemate in the designations is in peril aside from Sivaji, who is ahead with 42.71% (2413 votes).

Host of Bigg Manager Telugu 7

Nagarjuna Akkineni is the host of Bigg Manager Telugu 7. This is his third successive year facilitating the program. Seasons three and four were similarly facilitated by him.

Timing of Huge Manager Telugu 7

The planning of the Bigg Supervisor Telugu Season 7 is from Monday to Friday(9:00 pm) and Saturday to Sunday (10:00 pm).

Telugu Seaon’s Bigg Manager 4 Competitors ordinarily get remuneration as per their value and level of achievement. An all the more notable member would be pai

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